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  • I wanted to immigrate to Canada, but didn't know what to do or where to start from. GoCanadaVisa gave me thorough information about all the provinces of Canada and helped me make a decision. I am now happily settled on PEI and running my business.

    Brian Lee
  • GoCanadaVisa provided advice and great services for me, my wife and my daughter. The process was long, but the team helped me with the questions I had and guided me on what to do.

    Peter Zhang
  • By working in Canada, I was able to apply for permanent residence through the Federal Skilled Worker program. My wife and son were also able to come and live in Canada. I am very happy with the services that GoCanadaVisa provided. They also had professional, friendly staff to help with important documents.

    Jack Jiang
  • They are a professional, experienced team and pay close attention to detail. After the first consultation with them, I understood about the application because they explained it in a simple and clear way. I like them very much.

    Linda Yao
  • 當時在加拿大工作, 通過GOCanadaVisa網上諮詢過後, 符合聯邦技術移民的條件立即就著手辦理。現在我和我的家人都在加拿大生活, 對於他們的服務我們非常滿意, 整個團隊協助我們來處理這些移民的重要文件。

    Jack Jiang
  • 当时在加拿大工作, 通过GOCanadaVisa网上咨询过后, 符合联邦技术移民的条件立即就着手办理。现在我和我的家人都在加拿大生活, 对于他们的服务我们非常满意, 整个团队协助我们来处理这些移民的重要文件

    Jack Jiang
  • 全家人成功移民到加拿大, 這個過程雖然很長, 多虧有了GoCanadaVisa給了我們專業的資訊以及全程的輔導和幫助, 使我們的移民一路順暢。

    Peter Zhang
  • 全家人成功移民到加拿大, 这个过程虽然很长, 多亏有了GoCanadaVisa给了我们专业的资讯以及全程的辅导和帮助, 使我们的移民一路顺畅。

    Peter Zhang
  • 當初我想移民到加拿大, 可是不知道從何開始, 在網上聯繫了GOCanadaVisa, 他們一路幫助我到現在已成功移民到加拿大, 現在我已經在愛德華王子島生活, 並且開始了自己的生意。

    Brian Lee
  • 当初我想移民到加拿大, 可是不知道从何开始, 在网上联系了GOCanadaVisa, 他们一路帮助我到现在已成功移民到加拿大, 现在我已经在爱德华王子岛生活, 并且开始了自己的生意。

Did you know that there are more than 60 different Canadian immigration programs?


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